Yukari Peerless

Hi! My name is Yukari and I live in Victoria, BC.

I’m Japanese (from Nagasaki), and moved here back in 1998.

I have a blog about my life in Victoria written in Japanese, but I’ve been wanting to have a Victoria blog for my local friends or anybody who might be looking for info on our lovely city. My husband and I are big fan of Downton Abbey, and one day, while we were walking to the restaurant downtown talking about Downton Abbey, he blurted out “Downton Victoria” – and it just kind of stuck. Victoria is like a special village, with unwritten rules and old-boys connections. People in Victoria also love traditions and histories…it kind of reminded me of people in Downton.  So I’ve decided to use it as my blog title.

There are many other fine Victoria blogs out there, and this is just my version of it. Opinions here are my own and I do my best to write my honest feedback on things and places here in Victoria.

My main blog is here – Everybody Else is Already Taken

If you want to know more about.me

PS: I’d like to thank my husband for coming up with the tagline.