Noh performance by Tsunao Yamai and Pianist Kentaro Kihara

We have a one night only special Noh performance coming up next week. Noh Actor Tsunao Yamai is performing with pianist Kentaro Kihara.

Noh is a classical Japanese musical drama that has been originated in the 14th century.  It is the oldest major theatre art still regularly performed today. Noh is often based on tales from traditional literature with a supernatural being transformed into human form as a hero narrating a story. Noh integrates masks, costumes and various props in a dance-based performance, requiring highly trained actors and musicians. (from Wikipedia)

Over 1400 years ago, the KOMPARU School of Noh theatre existed in the ancient Japanese capital of Nara, and was performed as a ritual to bring about peace and happiness. Today, Yamai Tsunao maintains the Komparu Noh tradition, and uses the depth of practice to bring a level of strength and sophistication to new, innovative artistic collaborations. Read more at

Tsunao Yamai

Mr. Yamai is coming back to Victoria after 2 years, this time, he is visiting Victoria as part of his world tour as Japan Cultural Envoy appointed by Agency of Cultural Affairs of Government of Japan. On this special evening, he is accompanied by Portland-based Jazz pianist Kentaro Kihara.

Kentaro Kihara is a jazz pianist and composer who has released eight albums and performs internationally.  He works with Tsunao Yamai as a duo called 「縁 ~enishi~」 Read more at


Continuity & Connection —Japanese Noh Performance and Jazz Piano

Traditional and innovative Noh performance with Jazz piano featuring master Noh actor Tsunao Yamai and Kentaro Kihara

Date & Time: Friday, February 27 7:00pm

Location: Gérald-Henriette Moreau Theatre (École Victor-Brodeur, 637 Head Street)

Tickets: $24/$18(Students/Seniors)/$12(12 and younger) At the door: $28/$22/$15(Cash Only)

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