From the Nile to the afterworld, discover ancient Egyptian lives!

The new exhibition opens May 18th

Royal BC Museum’s new exhibition, Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs opens this Friday, May 18th. The pyramids, pharaohs, mummies and hieroglyphs… since its rediscovery, we’ve been captivated by the world of ancient Egypt.

This latest exhibition immerses us in walking like and the lives of Egyptians. (So to speak). The exhibition floor is roughly divided into 7 distinct sections: The Nile, The Gods, The Pharaohs,  The Temple, The Words, The Look, and The Afterlife.

You start the exhibition with the great Egyptian life line, the Nile River, and how people lived and worked around it. You will also learn about the Egyptian Gods and the Temples they worshiped in. Then you will meet some of the most impressive of Pharaohs.

Additionally, visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to learn Egyptian culture. What kind of jobs did they have? What was in fashion? The writing! Finally, the exhibition concludes with death. Learn what the ancient Egyptian believed about the afterlife and witness some truly captivating artifacts from their coffins to Egyptian mummies!

This is not the first time RBCM had an Egyptian exhibit. Back in 2004, the museum had an exhibition called Eternal Egypt. I remember the exhibition well but it showed a mere 150 artifacts. The new exhibit, Egypt: The Time of the Pharaoh, boasts more than 300 original artifacts. Some are up to 4,500 years old and borrowed from European museums such as the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim, as well as University Museum of Aberdeen. This is the North American debut of this exhibition.

Displays, models, and ancient artifacts make Egypt come alive

At the time of the preview I attended, not everything to be included in the exhibition had yet been made ready for the opening. However, based on what was ready for the exhibition preview, I was intrigued by beautiful displays, intricate models, and of course, the original Egyptian artifacts. (My favourite was the model of a temple where they worshiped the Gods! How cool is that!?) Their “temple” was as large as a city block, with its own bakery inside! An absolutely fascinating journey into the lives of the ancient Egyptians.

There’s something for everyone—even the kids!

For families, there will be a lot of interactive displays where you can touch and play with.

For grown ups, there is an original beer created by Swans Brewery called Pharaoh’s Reserve available later this month, as well as Adults Sleepover on September 1st planned, as part of their popular Night at the Museum series.

Conclusion? An enthusiastic thumbs up!

It is a truly immersive experience and I highly recommend you go see it. The Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs continues until December 31, 2018. Visit the Royal BC Museum website for details.