Fierce F.I.T

The warmer weather is upon us! The inertia from the colder months have weighed me down, and for once, I am itching to get out.

I’ve walked by Fierce Studio on Fort and Cook street many times, and I have always been curious what’s going on there. I’m not into martial arts, but when I walk by and see kids in Dogi I couldn’t help but smile. So I was thrilled to hear my friend Christy was going to this studio and told me about F.I.T program.


F.I.T stands for Fierce Interval Training. It’s a 30-minute circuit program. You will go through 12-13 stations in that 30 minutes. Each station has 2 different moves and you will do them 30 seconds each, twice. So you will spend 2 minutes at each station. This video shows the current set. Have a look:

I’ve been trying the F.I.T program for few weeks now, and I am really enjoying it. The atmosphere is friendly, not intimidating, and the all the trainers I met are super nice. It’s a co-ed program and I’ve seen people in their 20’s to 50+. It is definitely not easy, especially for someone like me, who hasn’t been working out for a while, but as Christy said to me the other day, “You can do anything for 30 seconds” – how true is that.

I am turning 40 next week. (Cue the common freakout!) I am not exactly “freaking out” about turning 40, but I have been feeling  “I’ve got to do something about this” about my health…so this F.I.T program has come at the right time. I have also been inspired by my friend Shawn who has started The Rebuild – basically transforming his life – he started F.I.T as well and  we are holding each other accountable.

The circuit routine changes every 3 weeks.  One of the fun things about F.I.T is that they have some boxing moves incorporated in almost every circuit.  I’m hoping to get my own gloves soon.

Fierce studio is offering F.I.T program for $25/month. It’s a steal! Only catch is that the program only runs in the morning – but if enough people sign up, they might open the studio longer. So join us!

Check out the Fierce Studio website for more details.