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Victoria Fringe Day 5

Exclusion Zone

The Birdmann in Momentous Timing

Day 6

How Often Do I Dream

Pretending Things Are A Cock

The Exclusion Zone 


Written and performed by Martin Dockery/Storytelling/Venue 5: St.Andrews School (1002 Pandora)

This was my first time to see Martin’s show. It’s a true story about a strange book about a Russian Sci-Fi movie. This was quite unique, from the part he explains about the transition of the show, to the fact he has the book with him and often reads off of it.

Martin is a passionate storyteller who talks with his hands (My husband, who is from California, said it’s the American thing and he was pleased to see it). The story is about the book, the movie, and his own trip to the Russian ghost town near Chernobyl. He is a skilled storyteller and pulls the audience in with his excitement. There are a lot of funny moments, including his experience at the Burning Man,  but in the end it comes down to your creativity. What is the meaning of life? Why do we do what we do? This show somehow reminded me of Chase Padgett’s Six Guitars, which I had a privilege of seeing at Uno Fest back in May. You should see the show if you want to know the answer. Hint? Art.

Three shows left:

Thursday, September 3 – 7:15pm

Friday, September 4 – 5:45pm

Saturday, September 5 – 6:45pm

The Birdmann in Momentous Timing


Written and performed by Birdmann/Comedy Cabaret Theatre/Venue 1: Victoria Event Centre(1415 Broad)

The Birdmann from Australia has been one of the biggest hits at this year’s Fringe. I’ve tried to get my tickets couple times and they were sold out. Third time is a charm and we finally got to see it on Day 4.  It’s a one-man circus/comedy with a special guest character(?), Egg, from Japan.

After the show I asked Sachi, who plays Egg “What kind of egg are you? Bird’s egg?” and she and Birdmann said they didn’t know yet. The show is about the Birdmann, who lives alone with his dog, and he is lonely. (Awwww.) A lot of the stuff didn’t make sense, and I know it’s not supposed to.  There’s circus performance, dance, magic tricks, and a CUPCAKE. There’s something about Aussie accent—I found the Birdmann adorable and charming. He said he actually quite likes Victoria. Awww. Thanks. They are heading over to Vancouver Fringe.  I look forward to seeing them again and more Egg appearance.

Last show tonight!

Thursday, September 3 – 10:00pm

Day 6

How Often Do I Dream…


Written and performed by Katie Dorian/PG14+/Storytelling/Venue 7: Fairfield Hall (1303 Fairfield)

Another storytelling show. This was pretty interesting. It’s about memory. Upon entering the venue, Katie would greet each audience and tries to remember everyone’s names. She also invites everyone to check out her memory museum and if any of the item sparks a memory, to write down on a post-its and stick it anywhere on the stage. She also serves Jello.

Like her, I find human memory fascinating, so this was very interesting. She shares her personal stories about her grandparents and their memory. She also repeats one woman (her grandmother?) retell her story of meeting her husband. I find that part particularly poignant, heartbreaking yet beautiful, because I retell my personal story of meeting my husband, and I know it will change too. It’s inevitable.

“If we lose our building blocks; our personal stories and histories, ultimately our memories, what are we left with? And if we no longer recognize ourselves, who do we become?” 

I loved this question Katie asked. Really, who do we become? If you want a show that makes you think, this is for you.

There is only one show left! Today!

Thursday, September 3 – 6:00pm

Pretending Things Are A Cock


Written and performed by Jon Bennett/Comedic Storytelling/PG14+/Venue 2: Downtown Activity Centre(755 Pandora)

There are handful of Aussies in this year’s Fringe, and Jon is one of them. I’m not a prude but usually not that into this kind of boyish humour, but at our last board meeting, Intrepid GM Heather told us to get past the title and go see this one. So, here we were. This was also a sold out show.

Jon travelled around the world taking photos pretending things are a cock.It’s a thing now, apparentlyYes, that’s what this show is all about. if you have problem with profanity, this is not for you. He is a hilarious storyteller, relaxed and friendly. I laughed all through the show. Some surprising twists too. If you want to laugh, go see this show. Make sure to get an advanced ticket, this show will sell out.

Friday, September 4 – 6:45pm

Saturday, September 5 – 9:00pm

Sunday, September 6 – 2:45pm


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