Do you belong to a book club? I used to, but just like any other “club” I’ve belonged to in the past, I rarely have time for it any more. I’m a really slow reader, so having to finish a book every month-a book you didn’t really pick yourself- was a bit hard.

Also? Books clubs are often at someone’s house, so if you’re the host, you need to worry about cleaning up (ahem), and well, you know, entertaining.  Just the though of it stresses me out.

But what if you have plenty of time to enjoy the book before your next meeting, AND you get to taste some amazing food?

Welcome to The Good Book Club by The London Chef and Bolen Books.


The London Chef has been successfully serving and teaching the Victoria crowd for the last 5 years. Dan Hayes is the London Chef, however, this Good Book Club was his wife Micayla’s idea. She has teamed up with Bolen Books, to offer two of my favourite (and many other’s I’m sure)things – food and books.

“I love reading and I’m passionate about books. ” She said when we saw her at the Good Book Club launch. I love the London Chef space – modern, clean, and beautiful.


And of course, at the London Chef, this will not be an ordinary book club. Each book club meeting will be offered with gourmet meal at the long table by Chef Dan. You can pick any of the dates that work for you. Come on your own and meet some new people, or bring a friend or two for an night out.

Interesting thing about this book club is that the price of the book is already included as well as the price for the meal. You can look at their online calendar, and book according to the date that works for you or based on the book you’d like to read, and you can pick up your copy at Bolen Books.

January’s book is “Transatlantic” by Colum McCann on January 29th at 6pm.


For more information, contact the London Chef. Happy Reading!