If you are in downtown Victoria, and feel like sitting in a quiet place, either on your own or with a friend, you need to visit JagaSilk. It’s tucked away inside the Nootka Court on Courtney St, just past the touristy Bug Zoo.
JagaSilk offers variety of high quality Maccha green tea drinks and home made Japanese sweets.

JagaSilk offers different grades of macchas, and if you don’t know anything about it, that is perfectly OK. Co-owner Jared is usually there, and he’d be happy to help you pick your drink. I usually have maccha latte. JagaSilk is also a tea wholesaler. They deal directly with organic green tea farmers in Japan.

Of course, you can order traditional maccha (as you might have seen in tea ceremonies)  and they will freshly shift the maccha and make one for you. It’s delicious.

The place somehow reminds me of an old Japanese home. It’s cozy, quiet and I love it.

Another reason I visit JagaSilk is for their amazing Japanese sweets. Although we can get a lot of things from Japan easily (usually online)these days, traditional Japanese sweets are still hard to come by. Jared’ wife, Miyuki-san and there is also Akemi-san, who is their dessert chef, create exquisite (and often healthier-than-store-bought) Japanese desserts.

Yesterday, I was there to catch up with a friend. We both enjoyed a maccha latte and Yatsuhashi.
JagaSilk Tea Bar

This photo below was taken at my last visit back in February. Dessert that day was Anmitsu. Delicious! JagaSilk Tea Bar

JagaSilk tea bar is open Tuesday-Friday from 12:00-5:00pm.  I can’t wait for my next visit!

JagaSilk Tea Bar
A17-633 Courtney St.
Ph: 778.430.LOVE (5683)